Got a concern about safety or has an employee brought up a safety issue and you have no idea what to do and just want it to go away or are your employees, and contractors not being safe and you are losing productivity in the workplace then we are here to help and make your business safety compliant.

ICU Safety specialize in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, education, the timber industry, transport and many more that can help implement safety management systems for any Small to Large workplaces.
We focus on providing a simple safety management system while integrating and improving employees health and wellbeing which can lead to improved business success through better productivity from employees.


ICU Safety’s approach to work health and safety combined with injury prevention and health and wellbeing initiatives can ensure an employee’s health and prevent work-related injuries and illness increasing productivity and economic growth for your business.



We can provide a safety management system for your workplace that systematically manages your safety requirements, including organizational structures, accountabilities, policies etc. We give you the tools and templates to help you monitor and understand what how safety can effectively help your workplace. Call us today to help you be safety compliant.


ICU Safety consultants are experienced in all aspects of nvestigations ranging from interviewing employees, taking statements and writing ICAM reports. We are also specialised in conducting surveillance on any Work Cover injury claims. Our investigation team can act as a Third Party and will investigate any workplace accidents to help employers with insurance companies.


We can provide an efficient fire emergency response program and system. All business by law are required to have an emergency response program and all employees are aware of what the procedures are when there is an emergency. Call us today to help you be fire compliant.


ICU Safety consultants can perform drug and alcohol testing in both urine and saliva drug testing.

Have You Ever Wondered Who Is Responsible For Work Health & Safety In The Workplace?

Everyone is responsible for ensuring health and safety in the workforce. Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 health is defined as both physical and psychological health and outlines the responsibilities of persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs). Duties are also placed on officers of a PCBU, workers and other persons at a workplace.

  • PCBUs have a duty of care under section 19 to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of their workers while they are at work.
  • PCBUs must provide and maintain a work environment without risks to the health of workers, or other persons affected by the conduct of the business or undertaking.
  • Workers also have a responsibility under section 28 to take reasonable care for their own health and safety, and to comply with reasonable safety instructions.
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